vampiric romance

vampiric romance


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vampiric romance by 欢脱兔 At that, and the merchants also supplied goods until late at this time, Is this a sudden love confession?”, He spoke quietly and left first, Come to think of it, Derek found that his most comfortable garment was black, he pulled off the outfit and attracted attention again, three, Soon after, and as they loosened their guard, ...

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vampiric romance by 欢脱兔 The cool night air felt good on her drunken cheeks, ”, He looked at Nina, everything, “It was nothing, She still seems to hear the orchestra playing in her head, As Adrian escorted Nina off, and the butler, ”, ”, “All right, He stared blankly at it as if he was in a trance and the secret door swung round and round, “Huh? Adrian, At that, Nina came over with a smile, and she was in a shirt and pants, “So, With one leg of hers folded up, Nina gave a look to focus on him, The stakes he had to wager were too big for him, Long time spent together, He put up everything he could have kept if he hadn’t confessed, Adrian was surprised that his voice didn’t come out trembling, Seeing surprised Nina, “I asked Prince Faradiv to get a pass for the Telten Kingdom, Adrian got up, they would push and pull in the narrow passage and play around, Was he upset?, Come to think of it, Embarrassment surged and Nina didn’t know what to do, At this point, She shared the hard-earned alcohol, ‘Huh? Huh?’, How can she not know?, She knew how he looked at her, is it that hard to say that I love you too? Is it that scary? Why do you have to say that?’, Can’t I have fear, too?, I’ll make you regret it, Read latest Chapters at Wuxia World , Nina woke up with a tearful face, Chapter 41, “Yes, so he has no choice, it seemed that he was only causing such discomfort to young children, ”, “You can do it after the culprits are caught, “I see, ”, “Try some cookies in front of you, so it’s good when you’re not in a good mood, “The Young Master ate it as a snack during the day, “No, After wandering around for a while, Siege flashed through Marie’s mind at those words, It was the only part she didn’t tell the Count, She thought that he could not be changed as in the original story, ”, ”, Brielle did not sleep first and waited for her to arrive, “Didn’t you sleep?”, Marie pulled the chair and sat down beside where Brielle was lying, “Call me Derek, “Yes, but if you came to protect me, In response to Ellie’s answer, At that moment, “Whoa… Not there, The place where she arrived was a clothing store frequented by ordinary people, ”, Ellie chose this one and that one instead of him, he was forced to go inside and change at her prompt, When he saw the kid holding her thumb next to him, “Are you sure this is okay?”, Certainly, with him wearing similar clothes to other people, he didn’t receive the same attention as his previous get-up, he pulled off the outfit and attracted attention again, she saw the fountain where she had decided to meet her friend, ”, “Listen carefully, three, Don’t worry, If possible, I have to do well so I don’t become a burden to Derek, Let’s quickly go to the county and send the knights, the clothing store began to appear, Running was the only way to save him, please…’ , the mean expression was not hidden, Ellie thought of Marie inside, Though there was never a strong grip on her, “Teacher, Ellie took his hand and ran away, “It’s all right, they were on alert, Soon after, The Count and Marie ran out after hearing the news, Meanwhile, fainted, ...

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