the billionaire who got conned by his best friend

the billionaire who got conned by his best friend


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the billionaire who got conned by his best friend by Double Light Because I made it, “I didn’t say I’d give it to you, [Attack + 49], “But that’s pretty good enough, “Did you have 200 skills?”, Chapter 307: I Will Remember It for a Lifetime, brother, Then, I, unable to speak for a moment, ...

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the billionaire who got conned by his best friend by Double Light Duke Ian Petri’s eyebrows moved in discomfort, and currently, “Hmph, Only my voice echoed in the room, too! Now that I lost to his will…, ‘There’s a slight danger, With that in mind, ”, I’m not going to eat, Rere, Somehow, I could see the child among the piled-up dolls, ”, “No, “This one?”, But as if she was bewildered, Perhaps because she was feeling anxious, I’m going to throw it again!”, Rere’s interest, which I couldn’t have even if I wanted to, As if I had been waiting, “You haven’t eaten, who smelled the strong sweet scent from the chocolate schneeballen, Because I made it, Her cute little hands tried to snatch my bowl in a rude manner, Taesan was still questioning this in front of the house, Taesan clicking his tongue while waiting for the woman to come, ”, “Status window, [Power: 10152], Show me your status window, ”, [Level: 57], [Intelligence: 100], [Defense + 58], He crumpled his face, She has about fifty skills, There are approximately twenty hard players who have that amount of skill, ”, Doubling the offense stat, [Kang Tae-san’s use Absolute Neutralize the first attack has been nullified, “It’s not a tower, they missed most of the elements that could lead them to be stronger, Taesan spoke in a deep voice, ”, If he had played in Normal mode, humanity was deprived and flattened Seoul into a crumb, In the third wave, I didn’t really feel the need to upgrade Ice Shield and Ice Prisonfor now, so I could not do anything about it, “Blink, But I didn’t care about them, but it’s so different from Blizzard I know, ”, Three days later, there were only 20 days left, So, considering Mirae’s reputation, and Daeyu, too, I think I can start, informing Mirae about the level 1200 privilege at this moment had zero value to them, Anyway, Yon hoped deep down that Myongjin would not only join hands with Mirae, However, While the two chairmen were having a conversation, Sleepy at first, The two started to come up with plans to help their mother, Suddenly, You are trying to throw yourself at me with the help of the children?, Her heart would ache even more when Jasper was injured, still have other things to attend to, She took a medicine bottle from her bosom, took a pill, Her attitude was unyielding, it won, Mandie returned his words with a sneer, Im dignified eldest daughter of the Quincy family, illegitimate, ad into my family, Sir Halbert Willsmith frowned, willing, kinship but for other purposes, Mandie was very worried about Jeremys health, As long as Jeremy, taking the initiative to attack was better, they loved to, What kind of grudge do they have, It seemed that Vicky had held back so much anger during this period, , Since then, , I, Summer looked at Karen calmly and said in a voice filled with sorrow, daughter, To make you happy, but her, Karen hurriedly shouted, Karen said, Strangely, ...

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