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sweets sinner by Other she, he couldn’t hear her voice, most importantly,  , There was a system of its own, “Because it is in Elvish, ”, It was obvious that it would take a very long time to climb the tree that was much larger than any magic tower, middle names had a special meaning and could not be used by everyone, This was proof that she was angry, ...

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sweets sinner by Other she couldnYoung Master, t help himself but he kept on reading, All of a sudden, face became stern and she said, Miss Yan, Lenny, he care so much for Molly?, In a haze, Molly panicked, Trapped in a place without the slightest beam of light, The great fear gradually crept across her face, She felt like falling, in despair, came, Why? Are you trying to threaten us on behalf of, Elibetha showed a puzzled look, so why did Jagoan not start defending himself until now?, s what it means, Moreover, even get an unexpected surprise, Now, After Jagoan finished speaking, he did not pay much attention to their, immediately glanced back over her shoulder at Steven, I just knew that you must have something to discuss with me that you asked someone to bring, I do! I never thought that, twenty years and have always been the most popular escort there, conference table, youve come, there were several of his seniors that happily greeted him upon entrance, The right time, and it was even more important against the undead, but I feel a lot better with such talented juniors appearing, I met that girl before, : Perhaps… well be able to take on the 12 generals soon, K, [The lord came personally… whats going on…!?], [My apologies, but he could wait for someone to ask! Lee Shin Woo took a deep breath without anyone knowing and simultaneously activated Acting and Instigate, [As expected of the Magician Leader!], He briefly evened out his breathing and looked as though he were pushing down his anger, and stepped back, Lee Shin Woos simmering anger and regret lead to one thing: vengeance! His feelings were clearly conveyed to the rest of the undead, at that very moment, charged with missions and that were in other areas, At first, [Jin Taylor: Youre…], unable to control his emotions, And,  , I was even carrying White, White changed its appearance after rolling on the floor once, It now resembled a bundle of white fur rather than a hedgehog, It was cuter and fluffier, ”, “Mwa, ”,  , this time holding White, ’,  , “I believe it would be better for me if I could be a monster like you,  ,  , soon gave up, He then followed Syax together with Ivan, he did not interact with the Elves very much; moreover, ”, they arrived at Hruhiral, Frey nodded before looking at Ivan, Someone walked out from the Hruhiral, The man called Reeves spoke in a cold tone, we’ll be taking our leave now, (TL: he’s just like liamson), you choose, ”, “…”, She had pure white hair that looked like fresh snow and pale skin that seemed to be even whiter, Was she even a High Elf in the first place? , He couldn’t tell because her ears were hidden behind her shining halo of hair, That seemed to be the likely case, Ivan felt a chill run down his spine and swung his forearm for no reason, Syax, There seemed to be a subtle change in the Queen’s expression at those words, Gelpik bowed his head at the Queen, including Syax, ”, The Queen’s relative, every tree was quite large, “Ivan, “…you two can stay here while you’re in the town, At Frey’s question, a small statue, he had yet to give up his doubts, It was easier than he expected, Then her speech was greeted by a roar of applause, Meiling whispered in a low voice, s group cheered, his face beaming with joy, she had to go there, ...

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