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soul dungeon by Yuzu In May perusing through some, Still, worse than he already was, s meet at the, He had, s good if you try it, Soon, , She meant to wrap up their meeting right away but since eating some food would help her rinse her, Sherry explained, ...

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soul dungeon by Yuzu In May Chapter 352 - 352 You, Chapter 234: 7, 33 Second Violet Star - Unknown Voice, Chapter 2243 - 2243 Twins, Chapter 1791: Weve Finally Met IV, Chapter 190: Face Slapping In Progress, As Jeremy looked at the door that had been slammed shut, He decided to take it out, Every time I come here, In response, Jeremy slapped her hand away as he went to his, t really the type to submit to women, to eat?, perusing through some, documents, It seemed that even though he still had a lot of work to do, he wasnt angry anymore much, Still, Jeremy still seemed preoccupied by the documents that Sherry had sent, documents, reading every word carefully, She hailed a taxi by the roadside and as soon as she got, inside, She always became a little irked whenever she saw or talked to anyone who was related to Jeremy, She couldnt want Langston to treat her any, t want that, have been his decision but by doing that, s meet at the, restaurant near the SZ Advertising Company in half an hour!, s intentions were, Trying her best to, , t take long for her to find the restaurant, That day, the sun was shining brightly, just spotted Sherry walking on the sidewalk about to head inside the restaurant, His lips curved into a smirk, He was glad that he could use work as an excuse to see her, It was hot outside, After getting out of the taxi, She felt rejuvenated as soon as the cool wind hit her upon entering the, As soon as she sat down, the waiter served her a glass of ice cold juice, get a better look of the drink, she realized that it was sago with mango and durian, exclaimed, He even ordered durian for me! Was he doing this on purpose? Was it because Langston assigned, another person for his case?, You should have a taste at least, enthusiastic?, t do anything wrong but why was he making such a, fuss about this?, s delicious, She had to force herself to swallow the tiny sip that she took, t a glass of water on the table, Sherry had asked one of the staff to bring her the documents on, She then took out a folder out of her bag and placed the glass of durian, sago aside, the table was scattered with documents, After a casual exchange of niceties, the waiter asked as he looked at Steve, t even seem interested in the work they were supposed to do, He nodded and turned to, Sherry, , Having had the durian sago had already soured her appetite as the taste was still lingering in her, To her surprise, one of the dishes was chicken stewed in durian shells, To make things worse, Adding to her misery was the durian mousse that was served for, She, women? How many women liked durian?, she had no choice but to eat the food that Steve had ordered, This was probably the most, t for work, she, They only started working when they had finished their meal, Steve said with a smile as he eyed Sherry, They were in the middle of discussing work when Steve brought up his birthday, t think, therere working together now, It, Sherry fell into a deep thought as she looked at all the documents laid out on the table, The Song, Group was definitely a powerhouse in the industry, It would definitely benefit them if they kept the Song, We have a lot of opportunities to work together again in the future, I Steve added, upon noticing Sherrys hesitation, Steve gave Sherry another huge headache, addition to that, I think its better if I just attend your birthday, party as a representative of my company, Sherry explained, even be here in the first place, She recalled that Jeremy had the intention of handing her, over to Steve, he was not allowed to have any contact with any man, Chapter 1004 I Dont Want You to Stay Here Anymore, Chapter 591 - I Would Rather Have Been One-sided , ...

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