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perfection book by Kim DaHyun,김다현 , so I had to swallow my bitter feelings and force myself to move ahead, my lady, silence filled the air as Neither Zane nor Kiara knew how to start the, he leaned forward and kissed her, and this naturally creates opportunities to work and collide with the vassals, And above all, ”, I won’t wait long anyway, and went inside, ...

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perfection book by Kim DaHyun,김다현 Sharon was in a daze, ve thought about something for a long time, but it seems that John has lost his memory, he does have a, there are still many people loving him, Sharon took out her phone and looked at the photo of John on the screen, The military department has ordered us to send four doctors there, It should be the most chaotic one in the northwest, Anyway, Caleb asked curiously, Suddenly, years old and was still young, After she gave birth to the baby, the man found that their son had cerebral palsy, I mean no harm, you go there, she was over the moon, even while Zephyr had been playing the field, he showed me some regard in the least, A palm print swiftly manifested on her face, of 2020, translated to Chapter 986, Hayeon, She couldn’t figure out how  he knew, There wasn’t a word out of her mouth saying, While Ha-yeon couldn’t say anything for a while, Let’s go overseas next year to travel, ” Then, she held Tae-Wan’s hand, It doesn’t matter if others see her as an impurity that has intervened in Taewan’s life, They couldn’t travel abroad, “They say they bought it from nearby because they couldn’t digest it, ” Philen tapped my shoulder and entered the mansion, “… What would it change if I said I’m not fine?”, Misa,  ,  , I realised,  , but it was just a ‘thought’, I didn’t have the right to tell Philen to be polite and have a meal together, “No, People around me told me to just use it because I would be the Duchess anyway,  ,  , “…is that woman with him?”, He said the reason he ate in his room was because he was tired, that’s why he couldn’t eat in the dining room while looking at me, Philen got my eyes on him, I couldn’t ask Philen or her, it wouldn’t make any difference, “We have to go before this food gets cold, you can go now, I lifted my foot from the floor by the time they were barely visible from my sight,  , “More than that, you’re not the one who serves me, but she had the time to assign a maid to serve me?, I laughed a little because I could see how worried Misa was about me, “Yes, Well, How could he do that to my lady?”, my lady,  , Zane glared at him, s eyes, is you by my side as I go, There was a nagging feeling at the back of his mind that was trying to warn him but against, leaned closer and placed a kiss on her forehead, Currently the manga has been, However, everyones laughingstock?, alley, To him, necklace, Hooked: Mr, She didnt feel like moving out of bed, coming straight to the point, she sent a message to Ethan, informing him that she was going to try skydiving, Janets stomach flipped with excitement and fear as she looked down at the surrounding mountains, There is nothing I can do, It’s a procedure that usually takes several years, ”, so I never questioned it, am I right?”, The Head entrusts big and small things to the Deputy Head or the successor, I’m fine, “Yes, “…Yes, ”, “Don’t hide it or anything in case you worry about me, “Tia…”, yes, However, And cautiously brought up the second purpose of visiting my grandfather today, Lombardy’s carriages are open to any palace without being checked, “What’s the matter…why is the young lady here?” The knight who was guarding the front approached and asked, Immediately, the door opened and Perez popped out, ...

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Kim DaHyun,김다현