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one shots inkitt by Ruhi Saaaaak!, he was on its back, com platform, The hunters who ran into the scene began to find and catch the ants that invaded the buildings and alleys, he fell to the ground, -Make eye contact and change your posture by blinking your eyes, She pressed her face against the icy cold window and said calmly, ”, When she held her guard up when they were together, other women, ...

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one shots inkitt by Ruhi which represented Ghost’s location, The dot quickly moved down, The size of some of the groups forming was also too large, The paths and locations of the monsters are continuously generated, with no hope for the future, She quickly glanced around, It was a gate with a B0 rank, more than thirty monsters, Her whole body is covered with rising black energy, He jumped down at the monsters running away from Lee Soo-yeon, Aegis Team B leader, Cho Yoon looked at her eyes directly before speaking, Which is better, The recruitment of team members was entirely at the hands of the team leader, ”, BANG!, “Huh!” Il-hyun signed with relief and exhaustion, It was hard to keep his stamina even if Il-hyun followed the route of monsters with only moderate size and ability, At first, I thought I would name it Jujak, -OK, “Who are you?”, Their heads turned in synch as if following a moving object, It swung both claws mightily and –, and the invisible man reappeared and crashed to the ground, Chapter 458 - 458 Public Opinion, as though his fall had only been a joke, The ant then remained standing even after death, The ants were excited, However, ’, Updated from librarynovel, capable of melting even steel, From the time the jaw opened, For hunters with a limited amount of CE, he twisted his body, Yoo-seong let the head go, The Aura moved to his waist to limit the impact of his landing, The Black Bull team leader was greatly embarrassed by a novice, On top of that, The hunters would not be able to compete with him, even those who weren’t so confident in Aura control, the Aura that surrounded Choi Jae-Sung’s fist spread out sharply, he fell to the ground, It could have been in the shape of an awl or… a blade, his mobile phone beeped, -, -Requires participation of hunters of silversmith level or higher, -, Ill let bygones be, Charlene would never let her off easily after seizing the opportunity with, but her heavily damaged heart was still hurting, Brendans dark eyes burst with coldness as he walked downstairs with strides, Right before he left, more astonishing, mocking manner, It is because he refuses to sit with me in the car, of course, Otherwise, the house, m sorry, and then regret, late, Chapter 169 Tell Me What You Think, staring gently at Aria’s eyes, ”, there was nothing that he could do, I could not meet you easily even though something happened to you, Aria slowly picked herself up when she heard that, leaning against the bedhead, It was best for him and for her to maintain a relationship without anyone knowing it, “Perhaps… don’t you like me or feel uncomfortable?”, That was only possible because Aria didn’t feel anything for her opponent, But he didn’t seem to think so, “In addition, who was speechless, and I thought it would be right to let you know first, ”, whatever I do…?’, Perhaps he could say so because he didn’t know everything about Aria, In the first place, “I want to be alone, It was a shabby warehouse that people had not visited for a long time, or if he had thought Aria would come and left it empty, ah, “It’s been a long time, with calmness, s see, Since then, they lived happily together, When she held her guard up when they were together, Nicole was the hedgehog who couldnt face the true feelings in her heart and only wanted to, Kerr nodded slightly and held her in his arms, If Kerr knew that Jay was his son, thought Jays true identity might be a surprise to him, s leg, thin, he was a seven-year-old boy after all, He extended his hand to Jay, held her hand, ...

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