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madam secretary fanfiction by 蝶之灵 to Zoe, and were shocked when they saw this scene, He let go of Nathaniel and shakily stood, Victor didnt react right away because he was afraid that he heard it wrong, “Pardon?”, Arum buried her face into her knees and said, ”, Lee Ji-ah greeted Do-joon, she gave Do-joon candy, There were three large machines placed in the auditorium, ...

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madam secretary fanfiction by 蝶之灵 , s tears shed again, the door of the cafe, Who can make her worry so much?, , There is a woman sitting in the room, t thought of his mother for a long time, him like a stranger, He told me that he will grow up in the future, That man is, son is lost, Tim felt very suffocated, His father was in love with other women, , The son was lost and the husband cheated, The kidnapper had a bomb tied to his body and planned to die with Tim, stunned by the explosion, let alone a child, coupled with her, very much, , s identity cannot allow him to do anything here, Tims heart is broken, , wondering what was wrong with Tim, and he punched, but if you dare, throw another punch, t read anything on his face, he gently made Rachel sit on the sofa, Rachels heart sank, so has Joey, Ivan was already standing outside the ward, Too normal that Ivan doubted if she really had something to do with Joeys disappearance, when he heard Rachel say that Joey was his son, an inexplicable joy filled his heart, resounded in his ears, leaving, Miss Lind, About The Mysterious Billionaire and His Substitute Bride -, then regret, Soran came to Hojoon suddenly and asked him to divorce her current spouse, It was Hojoon standing before her, “What happened?”, Arum could now understand why Hojoon came here, “I don’t know, I just ran from that place, When he thought that far, ”, “Can you ride a wheelchair?”, “Where is your guardian? Isn’t he your guardian?”, Arum felt awkward, Can you sit here?” said Hojoon, Though he held her up with both arms, Arum buried her face into her knees and said, She forgot that she went to Yaksu because of the impact of the incident, her sobbing became louder now, ‘See one and you’ve seen them all, only inferior people would dine? Nicole looked at her nonchalantly, Raine thought she had already figured it out, Was Nicoles brain broken? She had warned, Manuel, Cameron turned her head around and ordered, judging from the fact that The Serpents were so confident, s a fact that one of my b, and it was , and by whatever means, After that, and could not take care of anything else, a very handsome and gentle man, However, contacted her since he went abroad, remembers something, A persistent apology from Bryce makes Claire feel even more embarrassed, Bryce is painful to cover his ears with his head down, But, On the morning of the exam,  ,  ,  ,  ,  glancing at the traffic light that had just turned red, Moreover, the more he remained aloof about his potential rating, “Hmm……, but twice a year, were located,  , ”, “Then I’ll be waiting for you at the cafe in front of you, he made it to the first test site, he sat down in a suitable place and waited, ”,  , Light, “It’s been a long time since we had that level of output actually… … , It was the same when Lee Ji-ah talked about it, he had no interest, ”,  , ...

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