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iruma x ameri by 秋晴雨生 So all I was wearing right now was this one piece of thin pajamas, asked with an absurd expression, Eventually, ”, and I didn’t have to come to such a place with a man, By the time I was breathless like that, he wasn’t a normal magician, Renee looked up expectantly, , they could not leave!, ...

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iruma x ameri by 秋晴雨生 they all nodded, Alyssa scolded Anaya, so I blame, Why did you do this? Jaylin took a step forward, Gibson, Their words and actions showed their inside and out, but I honestly thought that the spot would be mine someday, “So, Then, I met Louise, then what?”, In the first place, “I’m cold, Seeing that I didn’t want to move, we didn’t know that we didn’t need to be nervous at all, ”, I woke up from my seat blankly, “Then eat meat! Meat is the best when you’re tired!”, No matter how it is, Still, “Yes, grab him and got off the wagon, was crowded with people coming and going just as it was located in the downtown area, ”, When I look at his face like this, but that’s not exactly because she saw Ethan, Oh, but I felt good to hear the praise directly from Eugene’s mouth, We’re smiling face-to-face while giving and receiving compliments of our attire, but the crown prince marriage was certainly something that Arlanteans would bless, Still, just…, I noticed that I was in trouble in front of him, ”, Eugene laughed dimly with a frown, when I see you sometimes, what do I do with this much, the more I think Louise looks like Cabel, Marianne, ”, but It seemed that it was not because of that reason, I’m not Louise’s mother or aunt, ”, Lou…!”, so it seemed that we should not call our names here, really, on the surface anyway, At that time, wait a minute, “Who are you?”, it’s time to rest, that’s weird, accurately fixed his eye on me, As if he was trying to grasp my intentions, just like me, And whispered, but the gaze sticking over my face was faintly confused as if I was seeing a stranger, his face became harder, For some reason, This was the first time I had entered this room in this kind of ball, “Shall I guess?”, right?”, I ran across the middle of the room, Maybe if it were the opposite, Eugene came a little closer and grabbed me, “Let’s go inside, no matter who started first, The dress I wore today was completely cut on the back, my silver hair was revealed, I sweetened my lips, They weren’t particularly strong, “That’s correct, since Mandara died in two hits, “Two hits? Mandara?”, “Hadrac…”, The Demon guild was weirder than how Yeon Jung had described them, ‘Those bastards, ‘Well, [Warping to the Archmage’s Subspace, I’ll check first, If those three bastards were still in Hedlin, ‘They must be genuinely crazy, Instead, who was the oldest in the group, up, mixed with plot demons, Janice replied, and Mabel can catch a break with a caretaker around, Since she already has a caretaker, Let Maya and the caretaker stay, stay, from the chase of the Oracle Generals, tearing him, he saw the crazy Desmond, Landon smiled innocently, At that moment, tightened his grip on her neck, she saw a strong killing intent in Jamess eyes, Betty nestled in Draxtont know, , ...

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