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hello yummy by Unknown and I couldnt break away, Chapter 732: Why Not Marry Her, Coolest Girl in Town , she took a look at herself in the mirror and: instinctively adjusted the, m not presentable, great to meet you, Miss, she had her reservations, out of the room, While she followed closely behind him, ...

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hello yummy by Unknown Chapter 1224 - A Swarm of Recruits, Sylvias POV: , me with malice in their eyes, most especially Cherry, I looked warily at them and was going to step back until I realized Harry was behind me as well, seemed that they were going to eliminate me first together, My heart grew heavier and heavier, When I first saw the result of the grouping, Obviously, But I was determined not to waste all my efforts today and go out with no points at all, I stared into Cherrys eyes, at least I defeated one of them and earn myself twenty, signifying the official beginning of the last round, Cherry and her two followers came running toward me from different sides, announcing that what I did was not allowed, Because of that, I panicked deep inside and got, me to the edge of the field, Just as I was about to fall out, I dodged several of their attacks by moving side to side, analyzing the layout of the field at the same, Harry had just been watching us on the side, as if she wasnt expecting Harry to actually listen to her, her expression switched into a cocky one, I grew more and, more desperate, Chapter 266: Chapter266 A Walking Killing Machine, Coolest Girl in Town , she started to flick, the car came to a halt in front of a five-star hotel in town, She then followed behind him, , While they were inside the elevator, she took a look at herself in the mirror and: instinctively adjusted the, opened, she glared at his back and muttered, she unwillingly headed toward him before the two of them entered a large private room, great to meet you, Mr, Sylvester smiled, As he said that, he shifted, his gaze toward Elise, that he wasnt exceptionally pleased with how she looked, footsteps before she took a seat by his side, t help but question, Alexander briefly introduced, , Ford exclaimed jovially as he, responded, it was evident that everyone present, including Alexander-, didnt believe her words, none of them made it known, Everyone wore a solemn look as they started to talk about work, the questions directed toward her by the other party, which was a surprise to Alexander, their food was served at a time when they were almost done with their discussion, and turned to Alexander with a smile, Alexander responded, Sylvester replied humbly, make sure we won As soon as he said that, raised his glass of wine to propose a toast and downed the contents, she heaved a sigh of relief, She, was also ravenous, so she focused on her meal and even enjoyed it, only natural for everyone to consume some alcohol, emboldened, especially when he had consumed alcohol, He instantly stumbled over to Elise with a glass, Sylvester, she was rather ugly-looking, them, Besides, the man merely smiled and stretched out with an arm to drape it around her shoulder, he was evidently quite upset, Ford threw the wine bottle in his hand to the ground with such, which reverberated in the private room, Alexander heard the commotion, his face was as dark as charcoal when he strode toward the room, Moments after he pushed open the door, painful, moan that echoed in the room, s just a lowly personal, assistant, He stared at Mr, Ford without any hesitation, As Alexander had exerted force when he kicked Mr, Ford, Mr, Ford was instantly flung into the air before, he landed on the ground with a loud thud, Subsequently, Alexander grabbed Elise and said, of a woman and surrendering my subordinate in exchange for a collaboration! From now on, the Griffith, Sylvester rushed after them, that we shouldn, she felt an inexplicable sense of security and her, ...

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