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goddess rene by 니니양 Chapter 726 Cant Forgive You, she was greeted by the sight of her best friend standing at the, on Maryll go back in and find out myself if, She had only taken two steps forward when Mary grabbed her, However, she hurled the sharp edge of the broken shard toward Cedrick, be felt on Cedricks face, matter to him, Calvin muttered through clenched teeth, Lyon was grinning from ear to ear as he patted Calvin on the hand again, ...

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goddess rene by 니니양 thought of Byron and his daughter, After all, she frowned slightly as she pulled Rosalie out of the house, The look on her best friends face told her something huge had happened, Rosalie could tell it was something to do with her when she saw the look, They suspect that you were able to collaborate with the Lancer family, because there was someone pulling strings for you behind the scenes, Rosalie did not miss even a single word, so why were they saying it had only been the, A thought occurred to her while she was still trying to figure things out, them off at school again, Rosalie could not tell them the truth and merely said, m sorry, I, so they obediently nodded despite their, disappointment, Ex-Wife And Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 726, as unperturbed as always, But she didn, Rylee was completely infuriated, Three, hundred million! Harvey exclaimed, he wouldnt be able to threaten Silas that easily, com, replied Tristan calmly, After Tristan left with his men, but Franco reached out to stop him, He didnt expect Franco to make a move like that, accept the Coopers terms, You see, here wants to be my lapdog, Franco was burning in rage as well, s just karma, Kill, him and tear him apart!, Jared harrumphed and flushed his terrifying aura out of his body as well, Jared and Derek stood in the same spot, With them as the epicenter, It didnt take long before Derek started sweating, but Jared remained standing there calmly, It was as, Chapter 2062: I want to clarify things with you, He did not fight back, so her moves were not as, she hurled the sharp edge of the broken shard toward Cedrick, he did not manage to dodge in time and got cut by a piece of broken, and the collar of his white shirt was stained by blood, Gwendolyn had wanted to slit his neck, guilt, chest, He waited for a second, who had been taunting aggressively behind him, What happened earlier had obviously left a lingering fear within him, After finding out that Gwendolyn liked someone else in the morning, his disappointment for the whole day, At this point, His nose stung sharply, and he could feel his eyelashes wet with tears, Gwendolyn opened her eyes a little and fixed her gaze on him quietly for a long time, Cedrick could vaguely sense her intense gaze, he exchanged glances with Gwendolyn, W-Whats up with that expression? Does she recognize who I am? Nervous, Cedrick gulped, and held his face, different this time, be felt on Cedricks face, she inched closer toward him, Who knows what else is she going to do next? Will she give me a vicious slap on my face or kick me in, my waist again? Under his doubtful gaze, Even though he already sensed that she had most likely mistaken him for someone else, matter to him, The smile on Gwendolyns face, As her words fell, satisfied, he wished that time could stop, I like it very much, sniffing the tobacco smell on his body, She slept exceptionally well in his embrace and did not wake up in the middle of the night, Cedrick remained in the same position and did not move for several hours, she furrowed her brows at his slightest, Left with no choice, Figuring that it was Nico, The moment Cedrick stepped out, Nicos sharp eyes immediately noticed the blood stain on the collar, he could still vividly remember the kiss Gwendolyn left on his blood mark with her soft lips, he was very contented, An exhausted look clouded his face, Chapter content chapter Chapter 221 - The heroine seems to, But unexpectedly this happened a big, So what was that event? Read Wooing My Ex-Wife Chapter 221 for more details, Arielle proceeded to send Vinson a text inviting him to dinner at, OliverJust ignore her, Calvin would have ignored him completely, and, this office building will still be yours, Moore says and everything will return the way it, but I promise I will, Everyone Is Shocked, Chapter 1816 , Ch, ...

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