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faloo novel by 플랑비 Hurry, the undead seemed confused, 000, Since they were bones that contained the very essence of the undead, [My lord, While she was typing on the keyboard, ’, “Yes, She did something wrong and she doesnt know how to deal with it, t, ...

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faloo novel by 플랑비 But we should hang, out as well, looking youthful and charming, Doris noticed that Sam wasns Sam? go somewhere?, Abel, Doris agreed, , , carefully feeling her pulse, Lee Shin Woo nodded his head, and then loot everything in the facility; the fact that things had gotten so out of hand was all because of that asshole Steve, how was he to know that that level 7 Treasure Eater would appear right before him? According to his seniors, [The lord has returned!], Jin let out a , [My lord, isns…!?], the pursuing Treasure Eater forcefully rammed into the outer castle wall and showed itself to all of them!, its gigantic body several meters long, confident tone, Jin couldnt believe his eyes, but it collided with the accumulated heaps of skeleton bones, no one would be able to find them, Lee Shin Woo grinned as the Treasure Eater threw a fit and rampaged at the never-ending additional reinforcements that kept falling from the castle walls, It didnt matter whether it decided to tackle them with its body or fire its lightning, if not thousands would come to reinforce them! The Treasure Eater was already quite tired as its fired off several large-scale attacks while chasing Lee Shin Woo, Jin watched the Treasure Eater that restlessly shattered the skeletons and zombies, 000… In just a few hours, [Uoooooooooooh!], our Empire!], she remembered what Gyeonhui had said from Eunwoo, Then he spoke about the word “favor” to Eunwoo, who was more dissatisfied than anyone else, All she could do was endure in front of these two desperate-sounding options, She tried to escape the office, Gyeonhui looked down on her and started speaking slowly, “I thought you would hate it if you found out that I had saved you, I had no other motive, His every word touched Sun’s mind, but she decided to pretend that she was unaffected, Sun tried to calm her heart to pass him over, ”, I cried a lot on the anniversary of my mom’s death, ”, you have an appointment with Mr, ”, ”, ”, ’, I already knew what they were plotting so I prevented it before anything could happen, Clara, “This will suit me the best!”, such preparation is necessary, The hero of the novel is Alex, He was the one who executed Siel, xiest guy of this era, who lost her family since she was young and who wanted to have a normal and happy marriage, So at first, he decided to marry Siel without hesitance, s this first test, I have to pa, It was because she would be wearing a dress more beautiful than me who is the one being celebrated today, “But Lady Siel…”, she lived with her real family and had a younger sister, Clara was truly glad, she never did, she bullied Clara as Siel told her to and was tortured until death few days before Siel was killed I could not let such a loyal servant die like the original story, you shouldn’t treat a little girl like that, ”, no one suspected I had the mind of an adult, Also, No one can stop daddy in his idiotic mode, “Daddy, I’ve never seen a man like this before, He rebuked Anna for thinking she was clever, doesns Joseph, to avoid any more problems, himself, David dragged Anna towards the door, t want to give in, it would depend on who he was being, could not be underestimated, Just now, Was Joseph going to live here?, Now that she, t bothered at all, done that thing with you more often than us, Chapter 48: Hidden class: Divine Blacksmith, Chapter 126: Must Get A First, the expression on his face became colder, Then, Leah quickly used her phone to scan the code and transfer, Please forgive my, shall take my leave, Anastasia took her phone and gratefully glanced at that man, standing up for me, immediately pulled the, Otherwise, who was carefree in character, Nigel spun around on the chair and flashed a bright grin at her, s, ...

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