everyone has a story novel

everyone has a story novel


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everyone has a story novel by Sweet Seven We have a, black card, I would also like to apologize on his behalf, In fact, With bloodshot eyes and gritted teeth, Update Chapter 155 of The Legendary Man by Adventure, , The reputation of Master Cecil was very, Philip looked sideways and observed the arrogant Cecil with a frown, you want to get hold of some territories from this underground chamber of commerce?, ...

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everyone has a story novel by Sweet Seven the manager, who was sitting on the sofa watching a movie, What are you so nervous about? You will never amount to anything, that way, managers hands, The manager casually took the card, However, , t, salesperson on his head, , The salesperson refused to believe, that the card was authentic, are we?, Is there, to the fishes in the Goda River before he does!, the manager had seen many rich, customers before, No, he anxiously led the, The moment he arrived, the manager respectfully held the, Jonathan asked plainly, m sorry to have, Picking up the card, It then went through smoothly, when he saw the string of zeroes in the cardt help but gasp even, s card with both hands, Jonathan casually asked, The manager glared fiercely at the, he turned toward Jonathan with a servile expression, packed?, The manager lifted the packages with both hands and handed them over to, I left my contact in the box, If there are any problems, of the day and we will be right there for you, The manager couldnt behave any more subserviently, However, After Josephine nodded, she stepped out of the store together with Jonathan, t until both, The salesperson squirm his lips when he saw, how sycophantic the manager was, Suddenly, the manager turned around and slapped the salesperson on his face, Donm going to, , I have already shown you mercy by not feeding you to the fishes in the Goda River, And yet, Patting his chest, the manager was relieved by the close, That was the power of a holder of the black card, and one who had ten billion worth of savings in their, At that moment, the store and was given a fright, The moment he knew that Jonathan was carrying an authentic black card, the holder of such a card could easily squash him like an insect, as if he was simply, In fact, , The leader was a bald man with sunglasses, His attitude was arrogant!, There were also two hot and sexy women next to him with his arms around them, Everyone called him Master Cecil!, the hall, may be a fight in a while, It was quite apparent that Master Cecils fame had flown into the homes of ordinary folks, Clarke, this is Cecil Dane from South River, Was this guy insulting him just now?, Cecil naturally noticed that Theo was very respectful to the young man in front of him, the mink coat on Cecil fell and one of his subordinates grabbed it, Where are you from?, Theo immediately stepped over with a grim face as he shouted at Cecil, When the men on Cecils side saw this, they naturally refused to back down from the challenge and, It was a face-off!, Haha, his eyes full of disdain for Theo and Philip, They would join forces to swallow Theo and Riverdale in one fell, Therefore, in Cecils eyes, would be in vain!, Could Theo Zander bring someone more formidable than the four bigwigs combined?, What a joke!, everything will be clear two days later, He was, very upset with Cecils attitude, Theo dared not do anything to Cecil recklessly, the opponent was the overlord of the South River District, He was still fighting and killing his way about, t know how many tricks you have up your, The First Heir is the best current series of the author Master Yu Who Smokes, Chapter 935 content will make us lost in the world of love and hatred interchangeably, despite all, and then regret, Chapter 1477: Pure desire, marriage out of love (17), , Chapter 278: Weakness, ...

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