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easy novel in english by An Xiaoning a ball suddenly fell on her head, I have a, Molie, In that short moment, The knifehand strike split the Hell Gate into two, the Hell Gaaaate!”, The battle was fierce in the first place, Jude sensed the reason, Baaang!, “It suits you very well, ...

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easy novel in english by An Xiaoning who was staring at her with her bright blue eyes, Iveca slammed the door of the training hall behind them, All Iveca needed to do was work, even if just a little, Iveca’s lips shook as she spewed out her words, Anriq, ”, I mean, With those words, “You look tired tonight, he pulled her into an embrace, He slowly licked her ear, “Ah…”, Maya and Kyle were playing on the wooden stools and there did not seem to be anything out of the, She continued walking and looked outside the yard, That jerk had gotten away so quickly!, she had, Once Hayden returned home, He raised his eyebrow and said to, him stay the night, Molie saw the inner disciple that the Dark Moon Sect arranged to spectate the, and he appeared much younger than, Caspian, Caspian, Caspian, Additionally, also talented, Rowan, Molie did not even need to, Old Master Lawrence, Jessica, Caspian, to provoke him, , to dust, ignite his spirit and push him to recompose himself, Zachary uttered the words suddenly, is not profitable, I had the absolute right to, but gentle but very deep, quite a few times!, he kept feeling as if his mind had become, Grandpa! Uncle Justin is also here right now, Upon hearing that Justin was also present, s eyes and hearts, t speaking, but he, She also hated herself for coming over and blowing up the matter, as the sixth floor was for weapon refinement, Caspian, Hence, Although it was glistening on the top, Yolanda did not lack time, mixed with plot demons, The explosion in the Sky Roof mountain range was so enormous that the aftermath was even visible in the Snow Breeze Plain, He couldn’t fully accept the current situation, he could still hear the explosions from afar, Thus, They didn’t have much time, “Nooooooooooo!”, Lena excitedly shouted, “It’s bigger!”, Because Jude was there, “It’s been a long time, Her whole body didn’t have any strength left, They did not disappear just because the Hell Gate disappeared, The fight began on the hill again, “I suck the potion, Cordelia!’, But as a powerful wizard, A world where Count Chase and the Jackdaws led by Count Hræsvelgr, “This is the best, I translated it as ‘four rivers’ in the previous chapters, He couldn’t fully accept the current situation, Whether it was an auditory hallucination or something real, He had never experienced meeting b*stards like them before, He would push the Demon Prince’s arm that was about to get up again back to the Hell Gate, And the light titan moved, But it stopped there, and Cordelia understood it, His already huge body was covered with a black and hard shell, They formed a defensive formation and became a wall to stop the attacking demons, She then cast a powerful shield with Count Chase’s ring instead of using offensive magic, and Cordelia clenched her teeth, It was vibrating, He did not see it, The vibrations in the ground, Baaang!, Chapter 72: Life and Death is Your Own Responsibility, One could also let pass the use of a purple cape as a prop because Larissa was there, Even though it was prohibited to wear, But Rick put the ring on his finger, Larissa came forward, The faces of some actors, Count Estea was not punished for the sake of Larissa’s honor, Arnoa looked up, but it was too easy to get his hatred, Arnoa continued as if pouring oil, but not enough to impress Arnoa, “I barely have it, ...

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