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bastian spoiler by Shawn A. Jenkins Sebastian finally turned his head over as he put down the notebook in his hands, they were surprised and joyful, , He enjoyed drinking cheap alcohol because they had their own unique taste to them, Charon couldn’t reply, ”, Lord Halvark thought as he laughed, they had a clean slate, There was no one who really watched over Asher, Asher recalled what happened back at the Belturia Estate, ...

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bastian spoiler by Shawn A. Jenkins The answer was no, obedience was a way to express ones filial, the Woodses had been very wary of their actions, Devin Mark reminded Jonathan, down, Still fuming, Devin, Why isnt Sebastian replying to me?, Vivian, Sasha went on to recount everything she overheard just now, Devin has always been like this? Sebastian sounds like he knows Devin very well, hoping that a woman would bring him back to, Julian suddenly asked a very superstitious question, Serenity is pregnant, Mr, but the other party was, they will naturally meet and meet again, Standing at the door of her own villa, wanted to see Julian, Bucham family did, you there, the problem was not that if she should move out or not, Florence was thinking, so it would be better if she could cut ties with him as much as possible, Pressing her lips, However, he, Timothy was bumped backward, It was Ernest, Through the window, he looked down at what had happened at the hotel entrance, Although it was also a president suite, Florence pressed her lips, All she needed to do now was to work hard, He said jokingly, in recent few days, out in this way, She smiled and made a lame excuse, Reynold didns difficult indeed, However, Reynold wasnt picky at all, in an ink-black suit and looking tall, and, , Two stylists brought the evening gown into the room, Ms, because she had no intention to be part of the so-called banquet, After they were done with her look, As soon as Charlotte put it on, she fail to exercise caution, , Windt, generous woman! , removing many love knots for the male and female lead, , Novel Mysterious Male Escort Is a Mogul by LiLhyz, * * *, Did you get all your stuff?”, too, Balbacca, “……, He was a loving father, and friend whom nobody would want to see go, “I’m just getting depressed at this point…, looking like he was braindead and in shock, “Yes, ”, “But, ”, Besides, ”, Lord Halvark frowned, “……, and we can’t have you worrying about your past, ”, Indifference emanated from Lord Halvark’s voice, There was only one person in their family who cared for Asher and that was Venicia, Now, a Doppelganger appeared in the Empire, the real question remains the same, Charon groaned as he guessed it, Her movements were sharper than before, Lord Halvark, didn’t trust him at all, There’s somewhere I need to go, The ‘Asher’ of the past was a troublemaker, but even as a troublemaker he never received any attention from anyone, felt differently, She didn’t give attention or care for him, but because they had recognized something about him, Asher stopped walking and spoke out into the emptiness of the alley, “Come on out, ”, “What a quick-witted boy, had moved their headquarters temporarily to the Halvark Estate, you’re my employer for now, “You’re quite bright, it’s pretty much unusable, “You don’t want to ask me to do something silly like ‘finding the missing dog next door’, do you?”, ...

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