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arias brother by White Sword,흰도요 It was as ecstatically delicious as the feast served for lunch in kindergarten, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it if Lady Emir didn’t approach me first, ”, “What kind of…”, He smiled awkwardly and uttered, “Yes, “There is a very high chance that their detachment will come through here, ‘Okay’, ], Riinka looked at the demons standing behind her and asked, ...

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arias brother by White Sword,흰도요 the first, Therefore, nor did she eat at the same table with her family, since about a year ago, and even if she needed clothes or necessary items, She was afraid, At that time, This pretty silver ribbon resembles the color of Lady’s eyes, ‘Pretty……’, or chat with small animals such as squirrels who got lost in the corner of the garden, Alice was in a dilemma,  , he was told that it would be an honor to invest in his mining business, The reason he could get away with it was because the contract was not stamped with the family’s seal, He was trying to get the investment because he was working on another business, “Come in, “Now?”, Marquis Leroy couldn’t hide his confusion when he was told that the Count was waiting for him in the drawing room, ‘Count Aster, Count Aster, ”, What the heck was it?, unable to understand his intentions, ”,  , He was famous for being a rich man, I will try not to inconvenience the Marquis’ business,  ,  , ***, but many people bought it because of the cute flower design, I thought I screwed it up because there was no reaction…”, Ian murmured quietly because he still couldn’t believe it, seemed unstoppable, they were running out of stock, nothing changed because this scene in front of her is real, then smiled warmly and patted her back, ”, Leticia spoke in a warm but determined tone, very talented,  , She bit her lip to stop from crying,  , Leticia asked curiously,  , You don’t know about these?”, “The design is cute, “That’s right, “Wait, “Please show me that bracelet for a moment, “This can’t be… Is this a wishing bracelet?”, No, denying what these children were saying,  , “Who?”,  , “Miss Leroy? But Miss Leroy is here… Oh…”,  ,  ,  , The young ladies could feel the tense atmosphere, Lilian frowned, re already kicked out of the house!, covering his face, t just take back your words after, all, Chapter 222: Separate Unit, Upon receiving the letter, ”, She is Kyrad’s daughter, “Okay, ”, “If it is Redkros, ”, The leader of the Kyrad Faction in Area B was the High-Class Demon Redkros, “Allard-sama!”, Then, Allard jumped up from his seat and politely bowed his head, “My name is Allard, then he smiled, Soo Hyuk thought as he replied to Allard, Demons are usually vicious, cruel, It was then, it is a big deal!”, It was Orexanamun who had gone out after guiding Soo Hyuk and Yeon Jeung, “What happened?”, then told Soo Hyuk and Yeon Jeung, Allard said, if an extra wing comes in it will cause great damage, that is a problem, Their existence itself is a threat, Allard said, 000 when detachment does not come, ‘If we become a separate unit, And he came out of the tent with Yeon Jeung, Soo Hyuk smiled and summoned the ghost wagon as he watched Yeon Jeung smiling, There must be various reasons for calling them separately, “We plan to flank them, What I need is Riinka-sama’s magical powers, ...

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