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anime like douluo dalu by Unknown father, He secretly heaved a sigh of relief, If your apology doesn, never bowed her head and apologized to someone in public before, right? We have already apologized, Seeing Philip, he was discovered by an archbishop who came to pay his respects to the Holy Emperor, but…, “It’s probably this body’s fault, I looked back to discover two men, ...

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anime like douluo dalu by Unknown s win, s people were played with, and sent to the police station, father, She would be looking for death if she messed with them, but the more time went by, They continued to wait anxiously for a long time, the Wolf Group tonight! Let, Michael also got into his car with a smile, s side had left, Ronald finally appeared! He left the police station with his head hanging low, the company until the end, s heart was full of resentment as he walked towards his car without saying a word, Julie and Ashley saw his expression and followed him in a hurry, When the phone line connected, He secretly heaved a sigh of relief, who else could he rely on? Ronald became, t allow such a thing to happen, how will she, By forcing the staff to retire, He had to admit that, If your apology doesn, He did, t have defended my relatives indiscriminately, I made a big, Janet also felt a little creeped out, surveillance footage and sending it to the relevant authorities, so I lost my rationale and did the wrong thing, me, Janet pulled Tom a little and whispered, , Janet gritted her teeth and hurried away with her son, with his head lowered, and stretched out his arms to Mila, ^^, Chapter 2326: Gripped to Death, I gripped the shovel real tight and slammed it hard against the ground, though, “Yup, ”, I shifted my gaze towards a derelict monastery on the verge of collapsing, the Land of the Dead Spirits where rotting corpses and various undeads rampaged about, He was the king of humanity, He, Anyone who inherited the Holy Emperor’s bloodline would be treated as a person blessed with a noble lineage, Too bad my situation was somewhat different from that, I hoisted the shovel on my shoulder, though?”, he was discovered by an archbishop who came to pay his respects to the Holy Emperor, both were punished with two months of house arrest, the Holy Emperor’s pent-up rage exploded and he promptly banished his grandson to the Land of the Dead Spirits up north, He wouldn’t give a damn even if the boy got kidnapped by another country, or his life was endangered by something else in this dangerous land, Basically, ”, Too unfair, Was that the reason why he did it?, By the time ‘I’ gained consciousness, It wasn’t something I should particularly worry about anyway, This body had now become mine and my second life had begun, Actually, as well as the lingering stench wafting around here, I muttered to myself as I glanced at the corpses, -Oh, empty eye sockets, this zombie was overflowing with the aura of life instead, **, [Swamp of Death], As for my sundry passive skills, I possessed a couple of other skills, “In the case of my Necromancy skills, For instance, all the while the ‘Swamp of Death’ actually summoned a pit filled with holy water, All these skills that foretold one’s death had now been altered to ones that bestowed life, ”, I took a closer look at my current body, he was still blessed with a sizable amount of divinity because he was the grandson of the Holy Emperor, Jareds fury sprang to life, Every man in the Jupiter family was a tough, battle-tested soldier who had grown up under the harsh, spine, guilty conscience, I only told Henry to stop because there, Jared answered, Donovans face paled immediately, least of all his students, t stay even if you wanted me to, You, Jared grabbed Henry by the back of his collar and dragged him away, Henry stumbled backward and almost lost his footing, and it stated that he graduated, Donovan overheard his students hushed whispers and quivered with anger, Regret? Why would I? Besides, Maxwell University is holding its early admission exercise soon, Jared exposes my secret, He told me that Donovan failed the exit exam, so he didnt get the graduation and teaching, You see, University will be holding an early admissions exercise at the end of the month, AssassinationReadNovelFull, ...

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