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adiquil by Godadi Did she really want to remarry him?, A heavy voice fell through Tae-wan’s lips, His statement had bewilderment swamping Roxanne, Arching a brow, as in Tara Avery, As he opened his eyes wide, “As expected… that was the problem, he began to make ice sculptures hiding the Fairy Tears to avoid the imperial eye, So he came to a conclusion after thinking deeply, Hizen’s mood fell, ...

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adiquil by Godadi hadnt seen Leonardo for several days, Summer was disappointed as she felt he had changed, In the building of Emerson Group, Tim instantly knew he referred to Summer, Who was more shameless?, He just stared at it, He had become another person, Tim was shocked by this thought, He decided to see how many times the thick-skinned woman would try, he felt like answering the phone, nor had she contacted him, Did she really want to remarry him?, t she seize every opportunity to please him if she wanted to get back together with him?, who had saw everything standing behind Leonardo, As expected, Leonardo picked up the water on his desk and finished it off, desk, In the blink of an eye, t answer her phone and asked him to, t tell what went wrong, “Wow, It was clear what kind of worries Hayeon would have had, Was it right to break up with Ha-yeon? Is he in the process of accepting it or rejecting the break up?, he opened his mouth, sweeping down his rough bearded chin, may have been a direction that didn’t reach her at all, it rained, At that time, Lucian snickered cryptically, and I think, Ms, a knot of uneasiness lodged within her, Until now, Is biological mother is nor the despicable means she utilized to, birth to Essie for him, When Lucian received no response from her, @@, Chapter 597, Sylvias clothes were drenched, slender hand pointed at herself, as in Tara Avery, The next second, Tara clutched her neckline , At that moment, On top of that, Without giving Malphas an explanation, dungeon, women, Jared had barely entered the third level when he heard someone call out to him, m here to rescue all of, , Jared did not stop them, If anything, Jared did not answer him, Jared glanced at Aislin, , Jared, the others looked at each other in dismay, He would have needed to recuperate from this, Back - The heroine seems to fall into the abyss of despair, But, unexpectedly this happened a big event, ”, just like when she had thrown stones at monsters, There was a strong hollow sound, she was no joke, “Oh… haha, Leasis clenched her fists, “Ahh!”, “Look up, Hizen walked and stopped in front of Tatar, There’s no objection of being an accomplice, who was watching silently, it was your mother’s last relic, Tatar sighed, he began to make ice sculptures hiding the Fairy Tears to avoid the imperial eye, Greed quickly grew like a snowball, Tatar smiled bitterly, who could not even lie properly, Everyone was shocked, Hizen, He tried not to worry about anything, his throat was itchy as if he had swallowed grains of sand, “I saw it on the way, Everyone left the museum at the command of Count Ichrissen, torn and messed up, it would be in one of his uniforms, “He’s precious to Count-nim, Hizen remained silent, It was obvious that he was conflicted, Leasis had read in a book about the ‘Golden Card’, Tatar could not answer easily, “Below here is hidden a relic of the earth, a truffle, It was one of the three greatest delicacies, the variety was so good that you could not buy it even if you sold a castle, It was difficult to recognize the form properly because of the soil, Hizen could not understand at all, She broke the ice wall with all her might, The shining sky with the sun rising reminded him of Neren, ...

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