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action and adventure books by Missoline87 grabbed her hand forcefully, and kissed it gently, Kalis was seen talking to the chief butler and there were some noblewomen talking, It seemed that the Marchioness put the ladies here to watch Seria and Kalis, but her timing was not good, The conversation that started that way would not be peaceful, Chapter 545 Walk Alone (2), was even worse than a teenager, He went away, She said, ...

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action and adventure books by Missoline87 first time, I saw you had a house for me to live in, so my sister would be satisfied, It was a misunderstanding on my part, be punished, At first, Thats why I hid my identity and lived with, You wanted to test me at first, Four months! Have you determined that my character is good just now?, didn, but like earlier, ve, But I still continued to believe you stupidly I believed in whatever you said, to be led by the nose and cheated by you until now, Then, Serenity ignored him, Serenity was furious and indeed wanted to end the marriage, They did, He was the high and mighty young heir of the York family, Zachary reached out to pull her, At the same time, Chapter 813 content will make us lost in the world of love and hatred interchangeably, late, Chapter 2 - One Billion, Chapter 271: Ambiguous (1), but Abigail was adamant, Thanks to this, at around midnight, the work in the castle was thoroughly the domain of the hostess, Seria looked down for a moment at the second floor lobby, Kalis was seen talking to the chief butler and there were some noblewomen talking, It seemed that the Marchioness put the ladies here to watch Seria and Kalis, let’s give them one, Kalis turned to Seria, “You look angry…, Kalis’s voice fell, “Let’s go down now, Red blood was slowly oozing out of the bandage, Kalis frowned a little and added, ”, the buzz was a little more subdued than a normal banquet, Seria grabbed Kalis’s hand without hesitation, Nissos’s expression suddenly changed as he heard Kalis’s words, the better it would be for him to keep the people’s mouth shut, When they entered the banquet hall, People started whispering here and there, “ I thought you said you were okay to dance with me, ”, “I was just saying, Seria heard a voice restraining Nissos from leaving Seria, ”, It was the Knight Commander of Kellyden, “The Lord has made it clear, ”, “Can you not stare at me like that? I’ve already informed the Marquis Haneton about this, give them the best attire he could find, ”, so I brought you something from the Capital designers, When the Knights of Berg asked to borrow his banquet clothes, so it seemed to be a ploy to draw Marquis Haneton away from her, knight…!”, Zachary saw her merely looking at him without speaking and called out anxiously, pounced on him like a ferocious lion, , She lived in the lies he weaved for the past, Her trust in him had dropped to the negatives!, tightly, Don, Your promises are worth, all you know, Zachary was, had not called Serenity since, Sometimes, but his mouth was, t, born with a golden spoon in your mouth, Currently the manga has been, , s PoV, I covered my, Girls nowadays are so strong and cunning, That Kavi girl is in no mood to see what her friend is, I know she is boozed, She nuzzled closer if it was even possible and, I saved her number on my phone, All I see is her, I wanted to see her, Waiting for an unknown girl is the very dumbest thing I have ever done, t know what I am feeling now, I feel so betrayed, spoke to me, I held Akshus hand tightly, gave a tight squeeze reassuring me that she will be with me at every step, I will spoil your, There are many girls here who are your type, but she is the most courageous girl I, Kavi, Harini, t believe my ears, Chapter 1520 , ...

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